Month to Month

You get a free router valued at R 750 but there will be an installation once off installation cost of R 3000

12 Month Contract

You get a free router valued at R 750 but there will be an installation once off installation cost of R 1500

24 Month Contract

You get a free router valued at R 750 there is no installation cost to you. We recommend this option.

Ballito ISP Openserve Fibre

At speeds of up to 100Mbps, there’s no faster internet in South Africa than fibre. It’s reliable, affordable and faster than you’ve ever experienced. Stream the latest Hollywood blockbusters and have video calls that are as clear as face-to-face conversations. It’s the internet of the future, today!

With next generation broadband, every user in your home gets instant reliable connectivity. View our packages below complete the online form and we will contact you to change your online experience.

Fibre To The Home

Fibre Questions and Answers

If you have no luck finding information here please don’t hesitate to contact us directly, we will be happy to setup time to chat with you just contact us on the follow details (087) 354 9005.

No, if you sign a 24 Month contract you get the router and install free. If you prefer month to month then a R 750.00 charge will be levied on your first invoice.

No, fibre will replace your ADSL copper services completely as well as your telephone line. If you have a phone number that you would like to keep, you can port that number and send it through your fibre via our VoIP (voice over IP) services. If you don’t want to port your number, we can supply you with a 087 number to run VoIP in your home.

Yes, you can. Your current access points will plug into the new fibre router where previously it was plugged into the ADSL modem.

  1. Click on the package that you like. If you are happy with the package.
  2. Click on & complete the details requested.
  3. This will send a request through to our admin to process your order.
  4. When the fibre network becomes available, the fibre installer will make contact with you to do a site survey to agree on a route for the fibre into your home.
  5. Upon the approval of the site survey and order, we will then install your modem & turn your services on.
  6. In existing areas with Fibre available orders can take up to 4weeks to install from order.

A fibre connection makes use of light impulses to carry its data, instead of electrical impulses, as the copper lines (ADSL) do. The light impulses bounce along the inside of thin glass fibre tubes. As fibre optic broadband is Internet at the speed of light, it is therefore, much faster allowing for upload and download speeds to be greatly increased.

Dedicated IP

We do offer dedicated IP services on our Business and Premium fibre packages contact us for more information (087) 354 9005